Understand Your Roof Replacement Options

Learn more about re-roofing services in Cedar Rapids, IA

If there's an issue with your roof, you have options. A roof repair could do the trick if the damage isn't severe. If your roof is in really rough shape, you could remove it and replace it. But repairing your roof repeatedly is a waste of money, and a roof replacement is a big investment. But you can also opt for a re-roof.

Re-roofing can save you money on a full roof replacement. Call Complete Home Services & Improvements. We offer re-roofing services in Cedar Rapids, IA. We'll install a new layer of shingles over your existing roof to make sure it's in great shape. Get a free estimate today.

Benefits of re-roofing

Benefits of re-roofing

Thinking about replacing your roof? Here are just a few reasons to schedule re-roofing services in Cedar Rapids, IA:

  1. A re-roof is less expensive than a full roof replacement
  2. Your roof won't be under construction for a long time
  3. Your roof will look brand-new

Complete Home Services & Improvements will make sure your shingle re-roof looks flawless. Call us today to make an appointment.